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“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Rabindranath Tagore

Who We Are

Okean Technology Private Limited was founded early in 2019. The previous name of this company was ESAR Global Hub Private Limited. This is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company & MSME registered. The objectives of Okean Technology are to provide all kinds of IT & Non-IT Training, Vocational Training. We offer a wide range of courses. Okean Technology aims to become an institute with the best faculties and infrastructure for the modern education system in the country. Our challenge is to become the supreme institute in India in near future. We have been working very hard since 2018 to set up Okean Technology and to create an example in the realm of modern education in our nation. The company also provides solutions for IT services. Okean Technology is another division of Okean Technology. Okean Technology successfully developed hundreds of customized software and it became a brand of itself. The software firm has also its research and development experts who are constantly innovating modern technologies. Okean Technology became a brand name in the education industry. We successfully placed thousands of our students in the government and private sectors. We are running competitive exam courses for the last 28 years with another brand name. Apart from education and IT services, we have our own placement and operation center.

The Corporate Identity Number of the company is U72900WB2018PTC227100.

Job Opportunity

Besides offering extensive knowledge and skill training, our faculties always guide our students to utilize the knowledge and skill to grow their employability. We provide all kinds of job assistance to our students after completion of their course. Okean Technology thus bridges the gap between the institute and industry. We also create brilliant resume templates and other resources to help them keep pace with the fastest growing industries and to keep them up to date with new opportunities.

Why Choose Us

We named our company Content because it signifies what we offer, how our clients respond to our work, and how we feel about delivering it. Our work meets the brief, takes the weight off clients??? shoulders, and leaves them delighted with the results. We achieve this because:
Having worked for leading companies across virtually all sectors, we understand commerce and the challenges faced by in-house and agency communications teams. We have worked with communications professionals in all disciplines, both in-house and agency-side. This means we fit seamlessly into new or existing teams and, if required, are always happy to put clients in touch with other specialists. We always want to do well by our clients: we care about their reputation as much as we do about ours. This is partly professional pride, partly personal ethics. Doing a good job really matters to us.

Our Philosophy

In the realm of modern education, Okean Technology really understands what modern education is? The organization has research experts who have been working in the array of education for long enough hence Okean Technology can easily innovate the core concept of the modern learning programs. Okean Technology also imparts smart skill development programs in this framework for students to enable them to get jobs easily and at the same time to understand the values of life. The method of modern learning programs is very helpful for every student to succeed in life. In the IT world, Okean Technology has already achieved success in delivering IT solutions. The organization constantly innovates modern customized software, website and provides other IT related services. In the fast-changing world, Okean Technology always delivers a wide range of products before deadlines. The development segment of Okean Technology has lots of tech experts who know the needs of clients and industries so the firm can deliver IT solutions at ease.

How We Work

Too many content marketing programs fall down because they simply cannot produce material to a high enough quality in time to make a difference. We use a hub and spoke model for content creation. As a client, you’ll be assigned an executive editor who’ll create your content marketing strategy and oversee content creation. Your other key contact is a project manager dedicated to delivering your content on time and on budget. Your editor ensures that the content we produce for you is on-message and works as hard as possible to deliver against your marketing objectives. We learn and build from everything we do to continuously improve the results you get.

Completion Time

In concurrent engineering projects, tasks are usually interdependent among each other that require many iterations before completion where the critical path method/program evaluation and review technique may not be applicable to help estimate the project duration. In addition, carrying out a large-scale project in a dynamic environment has to deal with various factors at the same time. When estimating the project completion time, previous research often focused on one subject of interest and assumed the other factors causing little effect on the overall project duration. The objective of this article is to develop a research framework to help estimate the project completion time and analyze the major factors that affect the estimation for complex concurrent engineering projects. The framework consists of three major components:
(1) data collection, where the needed data for simulation is prepared including project task structure, task relations, and quantified team member characteristics;
(2) simulation, where tasks are dynamically assigned to the appropriate members/engineers according to each member’s knowledge level of the task, teamwork capability, work schedule availability, and learning curve improvement; and
(3) data analysis, where significant factors to the project completion time are studied based on the simulation results. The effectiveness of our framework and the simulation model is demonstrated by an illustrative example.

Meet Our Team

Talent wins games, Teamwork wins Championships! Teamwork divided the task and multiplies the success. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.